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Legal Scholarship

***The CM Lawyers Legal Scholarship closing date has been extended to 28th March 2016.***

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” John F. Kennedy

The law does not sit on stable ground. In fact, nothing in society does. As our world changes, so must our laws be revised and amended to ensure our legal system is adapting to the changing needs of our culture. Legal reform can serve multiple purposes. It may help to simplify the law or to adopt new or more effective methods for administering justice within the community; it may be needed to bring the old laws into line with new ways of thinking or changing conditions; or to improve upon access to justice. The ability for our laws to change is integral to the safeguarding of our legal rights.

As such, we’re opening the discussion around legal reform to our country’s future lawyers. Our scholarship prize is open to any legal student enrolled full time at an accredited Australian university who can answer the question: What piece of Australian legislation would you like to see changed and why?

The Scholarship

Upon successful completion and judgement of the winning piece, CM Lawyers will release:

  • AUD $2,000 grant for you to use in the furthering of your education
  • A certificate accrediting you award as the best submission received


To be eligible to enter the CM Lawyers $2,000 scholarship you must meet the following criteria:

  • Enrolled full time in an accredited tertiary education institution
  • Studying at any level including, but not limited to, Undergraduate, Masters, Doctorate, Post Graduate Diplomas
  • Be able to supply proof of your attendance to an accredited Australian university.
  • Submit your application by the 28th March, 2016

The Judging Panel

Christine Manolakos, Principal Solicitor 

Alex Sapounas, Licensed Conveyancer

To Apply for the CM Lawyers Scholarship

Want to apply for the CM Lawyer’s scholarship? Then get cracking! Submit a 1000 word essay addressing the question, “What piece of Australian legislation (law or statute) would you like to see changed and why?”

Applications including information and proof your current enrolment should be sent to [email protected]