What Is A Power Of Attorney?
November 1, 2018 in Business Matters
Power Of Attorney When considering the future, particularly finances, it’s not uncommon for people to think about if the worst should happen. This usually means preparing a will and appointing an executor to ensure all debts are paid and that…
Transfer of Property and Stamp Duties In NSW
September 4, 2018 in Business Matters
Contracts: Transfer of property refers to the action of changing the legal ownership of a property title. There are a myriad of documents and regulations to consider when going through this process. It’s imperative to understand these or get the…
The 5 Most Important Contracts In A Persons Life
July 5, 2018 in Legal News
The 5 most important contracts in your life: Life is a mixed bag It can present you with excitement, adventure, and opportunities. Something else that may not spring to mind but will be a part of life at many stages…
Buying Off Plan
April 10, 2018 in Real Estate
Who doesn’t like to buy something brand new? When it comes to purchases, if you can afford it new is often the way to go. Something new should be in pristine condition and a minimal risk of anything going wrong…
Elderly Abuse Statistics
February 21, 2018 in Family Matters
Elderly Abuse in Australia
February 21, 2018 in Family Matters
We’ve seen the media attention lately Finally, people are talking about elderly abuse. This topic should envoke outrage as those who have looked out for us, raised us, feed us, clothed us and paved the way for us are suffering…