Family Matters

What are Australia's Child Custody Laws?
March 11, 2022
What are Australia’s child custody laws? Editor's Note: This article was originally published in July 2015 but has been updated in order to provide the most current and up to date information. Well, we can start by saying they’re definitely…
Breaking Up the Mortgage After a Break-Up: How To Finance Your Family Home After Divorce
November 30, 2021
Break-ups can be tough, and there are a lot of difficult decisions to be made when going through a divorce – not least, what to do with your home and any mortgage that comes with it. It's hard to know…
Why Creating a Will During COVID-19 is a Good Idea
May 8, 2020
COVID-19 may be bringing uncertainty and worry for our families and ourselves. Creating a Will seems like the last thing we would want to deal with. At the same time, the enforced isolation is giving us the opportunity to do…
Legally Navigate Your Family Holidays
December 18, 2019
Stop ‘ho ho ho’ turning into ‘boo hoo hoo’ and learn how to legally navigate enjoying your family holidays without worry and anxiety. Christmas is supposed to be full of love and joy, and all hurdles are overcome with a…
What Is A Power Of Attorney?
November 1, 2018
Power Of Attorney When considering the future, particularly finances, it’s not uncommon for people to think about if the worst should happen. This usually means preparing a will and appointing an executor to ensure all debts are paid and that…
Elderly Abuse Statistics
February 21, 2018