Family Law

Your Fair Share: Pragmatic Family Law Settlements Protecting Your Rights

There are no two ways about it. No matter who you are and what your circumstances, separation is both difficult and disruptive. That’s why our legal team always works to prioritise settlement over argument. We’ll help you avoid court while you focus with moving on.

Our experienced legal team comes to you with a different approach to Sydney’s bigger law firms. Intimate, personalised and involved—the CM Lawyers family law team is a supportive force during trying times. You’ll never receive blanket service. Instead, we provide dedicated case workers and tailored advice about your legal rights, entitlements and obligations. The lines of communication are always open. So you’re always kept in the loop.

The right representation for you.

At CM Lawyers we’re able to provide legal representation and advice to all married or defacto heterosexual or same-sex couples. The advice you receive will always be based on your personal situation.

Looking for an end to bitter disagreements?

Some separations are more complicated than others. Dividing a lifetime of investments—emotional and financial—is never cut and dry. We work hard to settle matters for former spouses engaged in disputes over finances, assets or children. Our principal solicitor, Christine Manolakos, has years of experience and longstanding working relationships with many of Sydney’s legal teams and firms. Her work in the field means she’s able to negotiate through mediation and help avoid costly litigation.

Start writing the next chapter in your life.

If you want to ask us a question, get some more information or just want to speak to one of our solicitors to get some solid advice, fill out a contact form now and we’ll get back to you very soon.

Speak to Christine about your family law issues by calling or filling out an enquiry form. 

Our Family Law Services

Property Settlements

Dividing a lifetime’s worth of assets can be difficult. Whether you have a clear understanding of what you’re entitled to, or need more help, we can assist in the process.

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Financial Agreements

hand signing a financial agreement

For better or worse, divorce does happen. Consider protecting your assets with a pre-marital financial agreement.

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De-Facto Agreements

Couple making a heart with their fingers

Know your rights as a de facto couple under Australia’s Federal Family Law Act.

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Court Attendances

glass door to court

If your family law matters end up in court, we can help. Find out more about court attendance and how Cm Lawyers can support you.

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Child Support

court gavel on blocks spelling out child support

Child Support laws seem increasingly complex. Get the informative advice you need and support for child support agreements here.

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Parenting Arrangements

man and woman discussing child care

Make sure you have control in the important decisions pertaining to your child’s care. Find out more about parenting arrangements, your rights and your responsibilities.

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Divorce and Separation

One Road Separating into two

Divorce and separation is a legal process that needs to be documented officially. Find out more here.

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Domestic Violence

Physical violence in the home is a serious criminal offence. Find out more about domestic violence and how you can seek help here.

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Same-Sex Relationships

wedding rings

Couples married overseas can now register their marital status in NSW. Find out more about Australia’s Same-Sex law Reforms here.

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