What Does Child Support Cover?

July 9, 2015


Child Support: What is it, what does it cover, and how is it paid?

Scroll down to view our infographic detailing the fundamentals of child support in Australia. 

Child support is the ongoing legal obligation of parents to provide for the financial welfare of their children. Both parents must share legal responsibility, even if they have never lived together or have never been in a relationship together.

Children are our most vulnerable citizens. It is our responsibility as a community to ensure their care, and it is every parent’s responsibility to be engaged and committed to their health, welfare and maintenance.

What are Australia’s child custody laws? 


Do I need a family law solicitor?

Australia’s child support system is integral to ensuring children are cared for. For most parents, child support is not a complicated issue, and will not require legal advice.

For some, child support is far more contentious. If it’s not possible for you and your child’s parent to reach an agreement on child custody or child support matters then contact our family law solicitors today using the form on the right.

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  • David Lewis

    If the non-custodial parent has his own business and a very creative accountant who is able to post a very low income which negate’s his need to pay anything, what can the custodial parent do about it?

  • Nicholas Süss-Francksen

    What does Child Support cover in Queensland?

  • Natasha Bok

    If the mother is the primary caregiver of a child and the father pays child support to reflect this, is the mother solely responsible for all of the child’s school fees, health insurance, etc?

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