De Facto Relationships & Family Law

January 7, 2014

Young Defacto Couple

Are you unsure about how your de facto relationship is seen in the eyes of the family law courts? Keep reading to find out more.


Many of the responsibilities and legal rights enjoyed by de facto spouses are similar to that of married couples. Here are just some of the entitlements:

-You and your partner will get a share of all assets and property assets not listed in wills.

-If your partner dies at or due to work then compensation can be paid under workers compensation law.

-Some financial assistance.

-Social Security payments.

If kids are involved.

If children are involved in a De Facto relationships that breaks down, then the situation can become a bit more complicated. The Family Law Act stipulates that responsibility for the child lies with both parents but it is possible for one parent to claim child support from the other spouse.

Registering your relationship.

We recommend that all De Facto couples register their relationship. By taking this simple and easy step it provides proof of the existence and duration of the relationship. By doing this and making your de facto relationship official, you are able to reap all the entitlements.



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