Transferring a Property

Solicitors and conveyancers working together to provide you with a complete approach to property advice and settlement.

CM Lawyers has the experience to prepare all agreements and transfer documents to effect any property transfer. Whether it's between family members, spouses or in the event of a divorce or separation property settlement, our team can help simplify the process of any property transfer. And because we're also a family law firm, our clients get the benefit of both conveyancing and legal advice.

If you're getting married, or entering into a de facto relationship, and need legal help with a property transfer and financial agreement? We can help. Head to our financial agreement page for more information. If you're transferring a property because of a divorce or separation, you can get more of the information you need on our property settlements page.

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Searching for the right conveyancing and legal team to help you through your property transfer? Our combined conveyancing professionals and family lawyers give you the legal and property advice you need whilst helping to simplify the process.

Comprehensive knowledge. Straightforward advice. Open communication.

Want to know more about what we can do? At CM Lawyers we can assist you in the transferring of a property by:

  • Providing detailed advice as to the effect of the transfer before any unnecessary expense is incurred.
  • Advising on the stamp duty implications of each type of transfer. Including organising valuations by registered valuers.
  • Preparing applications or legal agreements for stamp duty exemptions (if applicable).
  • Advise you on what banking arrangements need to be put in place prior to the transfer.
  • Ensuring efficient settlement of your matter by co-ordinating all parties to the transfer.

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Have a question about transferring property you need answered now? Call us today or simply fill out a contact form to speak to a solicitor. 

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