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Construction Delays Turn Dream Homes into Nightmares: A NSW Legal Battle

Off the Plan Potential Problem #1: Project Delays

off the plan construction delays

What Happened

In 2021, a large residential project in Parramatta faced significant delays due to unforeseen site conditions and supply chain issues. Buyers who had invested in the off-the-plan properties were left waiting indefinitely as the project's completion date kept being pushed back. The project, initially set to be completed in early 2022, was mired in delays due to a redesign of the sewer system and persistent supply chain disruptions.

Participant Behavior

The developer struggled to manage the project efficiently, often failing to communicate delays effectively to buyers. The affected buyers grew increasingly frustrated as they faced financial strain due to the extended timeline. The developer blamed the delays on external factors like weather and material shortages, while buyers felt neglected and misinformed about the project's true status.

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Legal Process

In June 2022, a group of buyers filed a lawsuit against the developer in the NSW Supreme Court, alleging a breach of contract and seeking compensation for the financial losses incurred due to the delays. The court proceedings involved detailed examinations of the project's timeline and the reasons for the delays. Key evidence included expert testimonies and site diaries that documented the project's progress and issues.
The case was brought to court under the claims that the delays were due to mismanagement rather than unavoidable external factors. Both parties presented expert witnesses to analyze the delays, with the court eventually appointing an independent expert to provide an unbiased assessment.

Financial Implications

The delays resulted in significant financial losses for the buyers, who had to continue paying rent or face double housing costs. The court case revealed that the buyers collectively incurred over AUD 2 million in additional costs due to the prolonged construction period. Furthermore, the developer was ordered to pay delay costs of AUD 2500 per day, significantly impacting their financial stability.


In October 2023, the NSW Supreme Court ruled in favour of the buyers. The court's decision awarded them compensation for their financial losses and ordered the developer to complete the project within a stipulated timeframe. Additionally, the developer faced penalties for failing to meet contractual obligations. This ruling sets a strong precedent for holding developers accountable for construction delays, thereby ensuring the protection of buyers' rights.

Lessons Learned

  1. Importance of Transparent Communication: Developers must keep buyers informed about project timelines and delays.
    2. Risk Management: Developers should have contingency plans to manage unforeseen site conditions and supply chain disruptions.
    3. Legal Recourse: Buyers have the unequivocal right to pursue legal compensation for project delays leading to a breach of contract.

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