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Child Support in Australia: A few things should know


A Quick Guide to Child Support in NSW

Divorce and separation is always a difficult time for both children and parents. We understand this and want to help you get through this challenging period with minimum fuss.

CM Lawyers can help you with child support advice and choices. But first, there are a few things about child support in Australia you should know…

The assessment

In order to work out how much child support gets paid, we get the separated parents to do a child support assessment. But keep in mind that some families have special circumstances that need to be considered to make their assessment fair.

The agreement

A child support agreement is a written agreement that details the exact amount of child support that gets paid. If you and the other carer or parent can agree on how the children will be supported, then the agreement gets approved.

The payment.

If you are a separated parent you may receive of make payments that assist in the support of your child. In the scenario of a parent living overseas, this payment can still be made and received.

More help.

A separation brings with it many bumps which is why it’s important you seek support if you need it.

Don’t forget that CM LAWYERS can provide a range of services to help you manage your child support and separation needs.

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