Conveyancing in Sydney's Inner West: Some Challenges in Home Buying

June 11, 2013

When buying a home, it is highly likely that you will encounter several challenges, and it’s crucial to know what some of those challenges are beforehand. But don’t worry. With a professional specialising in conveyancing in Sydney’s Inner West, you will have someone to help you go through those challenges.

Conveyancing Laws

What are the common challenges that home buyers experience?

Lost documents
One of the biggest challenges to buying a home or any property is lost title. With a property solicitor, you will have someone take care of verifying the accuracy and authenticity of the home’s title before ownership is properly transferred to you. Some of the things that a conveyancer will look for are inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the name or other entries in the documents.

Illegally built structure in and around the home
Any additions to a home must have the proper approval of the council. Extensions such as sunrooms, patios, and other structures that are attached or otherwise to the home must have permits before they are constructed. If the home you are looking to buy has an illegally built structure, the conveyancer will likely advise that you purchase the home with the approval of the council. Or the conveyancer can negotiate for a lower price for the property to cover for the costs of getting the structure approved. Without the approval, it could be difficult to resell the home in the future. You may also face legal problems if the structure has caused damage or injuries to other people.

Items in the contract that are missing
The contract should show details of all the items that come with the home. If the previous owner takes any of the items listed in the contract with them as they move, the conveyancer can help you pursue them to recover the missing item.

There are other challenges that a home buyer could be faced with that you need to know about with a property law expert in Sydney’s Inner West. To find out more, call 02 9568 6266 and speak to Alex Sapounas JP or visit CM Lawyers today.

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