Conveyancing Guidelines for the Novice Home Buyer

May 13, 2013

Buying a home could be an extremely daunting task for the first home buyer. That’s because buying a home involves more than just finding the right home to suit your needs; it also involves a number of things that as first home buyer, you are not familiar with.

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That’s where a good conveyancer comes in.

Hiring a good conveyancer in Sydney could provide value for your investment. A conveyancer can help you save money and time by helping you take care of some of the daunting aspects of home buying.

A conveyancer that offers a comprehensive conveyancing service can also take care of the entire buying process on your behalf while offering you valuable support and advice. When buying a home, it is highly recommended to work with an experienced lawyer who specialises in conveyancing to ensure and safeguard your rights as a first home buyer.

Below are the guidelines you should follow when looking for a conveyancer:

Pay attention to the law firm’s experience and specialisation. It is highly recommended that you hire a firm that specialises in conveyancing or a firm that has a dedicated division for such a service.
Ask people who have experienced working with an recognised conveyancer. Nothing beats word of mouth when finding the highest quality service for your needs. Hearing how your friends, relatives or colleagues have benefited from a certain conveyancer is more reassuring than any forms of advertising.
The conveyancer you work with should be accessible via phone, mobile or email so that you can direct your inquiries to them quickly. You should also be able to reach out to them even after office hours.
Your conveyancer should be able to communicate without you getting lost in confusing legal-speak. That’s why choosing a conveyancer in Sydney who is capable of communicating with you using language that you can easily understand.
Make a point of asking the conveyancer about the costs involved in every transaction. This spares you of anything that could take you by surprise later on.
When obtaining a quote from the conveyancer, go over it several times and don’t be too timid to ask about the smallest detail that you may not be so sure about. Ask about fixed fees and all-inclusive fees so you can have a ballpark figure of how much you should spend.

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